Toy Talk 2018 10+Years Collection

Whether it’s a high tech gadget or a family board game, quality time face-to-face, away from a screen, is what memories are made of.

Big kids still want to play and have fun. They want to pit themselves against themselves or against others. Healthy competition through the exercising of skills and strengths such as: general knowledge, the ability to think on one’s feet, number ability, acting, drawing, strategy, quick reflexes and visual skills all have a role to play in building your child’s skills base and confidence.

Most of the products in this category are suitable for teens and adults too. There’s nothing like real human connection!

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Super Nova Orb

 10 years to adult

 Air Hogs

A gravity defying, hand-controlled flying orb. No remote control required. Equipped with an intelligent on-board system that has motion-sensitive lights and sensors that respond to your hands. You can master 30+ moves ranging from simple to complex. There are 9 super tricks to master. Make it orbit around you, disco dance or spin. Play solo or pass between friends. Use to fly indoors. Comes with replacement rotors. This orb is guaranteed to challenge and fascinate.


BrainBox Board Game

 10 years to adult

 The Green Board Game Co.

A fabulous general knowledge game in 8 categories: food and drink, people and places, entertainment, sports, pot luck, art and literature, natural world and history. Something for everyone.

What’s extra-special about the game is that the box becomes the board! This means it’s a compact board game that is easy to take anywhere.

Special squares allow you to pick your own subject category. There are 160 cards. Play with up to 4 players.


5 Second Rule SA edition

 10 years to adult

 3 – 6

 Play Monster

Localised South African edition of the famous 5 Second Rule game where you have to name three things in five seconds according to the category card eg. 3 types of braai meat, 3 SA news or current affairs programmes, 3 SA bands etc.

The unusual spiral ball timer will put you under pressure. If you don’t guess three things correctly in the allotted time, play passes to the next player who may not repeat anything you have said. That’s actually quite hard!

The person who gets 3 things right is the player who gets to move on the board. This is a great adaptation of the original game with new additions such as: Pass On cards (pass on the category to someone else if you don’t like it), Switch Cards (enable you to choose a new category card) and the Danger Zone (if you land here and don’t get it right, you miss your next turn). These make the game far quicker and more exciting than the original. From 3 – 6 players.


Mobi Maths Tiles Game

 10 years to adult

 Play Mobi

Mobi Maths is a fun, fast-paced tile game that works much like Bananagrams (making crossword puzzles with letter tiles). Now you get to apply basic maths skills at speed by make a crossword puzzle made out of numbers and mathematical symbols (equations) such as 10 + 2 = 12.

Use the operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Don’t like a number in your ‘pod’ then exchange it for three more. Finish all the tiles in your pod, shout ‘flip’ and every player has to pick up two new tiles. Play continues until someone uses up all their tiles and there are no more left in the middle of the table. A very portable game in this little whale zip up pouch. Great for building confidence in numbers and mathematical mental agility. I’m not a maths boff but I love this game!


Monopoly Mzansi

 10 years to adult


We love this local version of Monopoly. The locations on the board were voted by the South African public – from Vilikazi Street to Clifton Beach, uShaka Marine World and more.

Buy or auction properties such as Table Mountain, Nelson Mandela Square, and Kruger National Park etc, when you land on them.We love this old/retro version of the original game including the money and metal player tokens, but there’s a new twist – the addition of the speed dice for a quicker more varied game of changing fortunes.

Mr Monopoly on the speed dice causes havoc by allowing you to buy bonus properties or making you pay extra rent when you least expect to. The bus on the speed dice allows you to strategise your move by using one or both dice combined. In addition, the rules are brilliantly and extremely humorous (a little like humour).


The Sock Game

 10 years to adult

 Spin Master

It’s a fast and furious race to collect the items in this sock-filled family game using the sense of touch. Spin the spinner to select the object you are racing to find. Be the first team to find it and score a point. 11 points wins the game.

You can personalise the sock game by adding your very own items. Two teams with 30 identical game items per set from poker chips to corks, chess pieces and dinkie cars etc. contained in a sock. Add your own items to the socks to customise the game.

There are two alternative game variations to add to the excitement.


Time Flies!

 10 years to adult


A great mixture between Pictionary, 30 Seconds and Charades. A quick and hilarious board game played in teams.

We love the fact that categories change throughout the game from drawing to describing and acting out your phrases or words. Get them right and you can move on the board.

Time flies when you are having fun!


Boxer Bot

 10 years to adult


Boxer is a technologically advanced pet robot with huge personality that brings the magic of hands on interactivity to life right out of the box. He really is cute and has attitude.

This little interactive robot can be controlled via a remote control or via an app on your cellphone. Boxer has an interactive ball accessory and bar coded cards to teach him new tricks. Comes with a USB charger.


Cobra Paw Board Game

 10 years to adult


Ninja-like reflexes, sharp visual recognition skills, and mental fortitude steal the game in this tile-snatching challenge known as Cobra Paw!

Players take turns rolling the dice (featuring 6 unique symbols), spotting the tile with the matching pattern, then grabbing it before their opponents. The first player to snatch up 6 tiles wins the game and bestows great honour to the Grand Shidoshi, Master Meow!

A game with few rules. Play a few rounds in a few minutes. Ultra-competitive!


Mumbo Jumbo

 6 years to adult


Hilarious mouth-piece challenge game. Players have to say different phrases while wearing a mouth-piece that won’t let them shut their mouth. The mouth piece stops them from being able to form their words correctly resulting in hysterical laughter as team mates try to decipher what in the world their team mate is trying to say. They must correctly guess the phrase to win the card. The team with the most cards wins. Comes with ten mouth pieces, 200 double-sided cards with lots of phrases and a timer.

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