Toys and Games for Ages 2-4

Your child is now confidently walking, running, jumping and climbing, mastering their universe at a rapid rate and learning how to do things with purpose. This is a more constructive phase and closer to the age of three children start to play properly together and should be spending their mornings in the social environment of a playgroup or preschool.

Please, please look for a play-based learning environment that doesn’t use worksheets, and where all the art on the walls is vastly different! Water and sand play fascinate, and children should have many puzzles and simple matching and association games that help them tell the difference between things as well as finding common connections eg. Chicken and egg.

Shape, colour and simple counting games are important and from three years onwards they are learning how to colour, draw, cut and thread, as well a building puzzles and constructions. Their word power is increasing daily as they drive you crazy with their many ‘why’ questions.

Which toys for what skills