Toys and Games for Ages 6-10

Your child is learning to read between 6 and 8 years and from then on will be reading to learn. Such an exciting phase of their development! 6 – 10 year olds are also able to concentrate for longer periods and can now follow instructions – both auditory and visual, as well as read and write.

‘How does it work?’ is still a driving force in their learning and developmental journey. They are now in a very constructive and creative phase of learning and gender interests may come into play too. They will play in larger groups and are able to handle competitive play where they need to learn to win with humility and lose with grace. Number and word games are great for fun and for building number and word agility. Family boardgames have a role to play for entertainment and education as well as for family bonding.

Play is a completely different language to having a normal conversation with your child. Electronics and on-screen games will be a big attraction from now on and you will need to help your child to find a balance between on-screen and off-screen activities.

Which toys for what skills