Toys and Games for Ages 0-2

The first two years of life are a miracle as your baby uncurls from the foetal position, fights gravity and eventually learns how to sit, crawl, stand and walk which helps them to explore the world. They need gentle multisensory stimulation through the sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.

Movement is the architect of the brain so encourage all movement and exploration of their world. They are born with very little concentration but, if you are part of the game, you will be able to help them extend their ability to focus and concentrate. Babies and young toddlers do not play together but your voice and your touch are paramount in helping them feel secure enough to explore their world with confidence.

Babies will mouth everything – it’s their way of mapping their world in three dimensions. They love put it in and take it out activities and dropping things for you to pick up, experimenting with gravity and discovering they can control their world. You will find yourself building towers with construction toys that they will love to break down, and your pot and Tupperware drawers will provide a lot of entertainment as they unpack them and make a lot of noise.

Which toys for what skills: