What is Toy Talk®?

Toy Talk® tracks trends, innovations and what’s new in toys and games as well as championing classic evergreen items that every child should have during their formative years.

It was founded in 2004 by Nikki Bush, respected Human Potential and Parenting Expert, speaker, best-selling parenting author and media personality.

Toy Talk® and Nikki Bush are a source of trusted independent opinion in a world of confusing choices when it comes to child development and parenting.

Toy Talk® strongly advocates learning through boxed, guided play activities as well as through free play.

Play with real toys and games has never been as important as it is today to balance time on screens for whole-child development.

Toys and games are wonderful for building relationships and fond memories between parents and their children.

Play is essential in building numeracy and literacy skills, which closes the skills gap and contributes to future employability.

Toy Talk Hosts - Nikki Bush and Justine Heydra

Who is Behind Toy Talk®?

Nikki Bush

  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Educational game designer
  • Toy judge
  • Play enthusiast

Justine Heydra

  • Drama teacher
  • Educational game designer
  • Toy judge
  • Parent
  • Play enthusiast

Some of the Top Toy Brands We Work With:

Melissa & Doug
Galt Toys
Nikki Bush has long been regarded as a sane voice in a world for of confusing opinions and choices when it comes to child development and parenting.
Sharon-Lee Plaskitt
Sharon-Lee Plaskitt, mom, therapist and forever Toy Talk® fan
Nikki Bush makes shopping for games and toys painless and easy because parents can shop with confidence, knowing that whatever has received the Toy Talk highly recommended seal of approval has been tried and tested. My friends and I look forward to the Toy Talk events year after year.
Heather Kuypers
Heather Kuypers, Toy Talk® 2016 Attendee
What an amazing event! The talk was engaging and interactive and I left with all my Christmas shopping done.
Lisa Casson
Lisa Casson, Toy Talk® 2016 Attendee