The following games and toys were selected based on a number of criteria including high quality design, innovation, entertainment and educational value, in keeping with the benchmarks we set for Toy Talk® to assist our clients to make wise buying decisions when it comes to their children. The Toy Talk Top 20 list does not rank the selected items in any particular order.Toy Talk is now in its 12th year of providing independent, trusted opinion to consumers from two of South Africa’s most seasoned and respected toy judges, Nikki Bush and Justine Heydra.


*Ice Cool (Blue Orange Games) | Approximate Cost: R649.90

  • A unique board game consisting of nesting boxes that form a game board. Flick your weighted penguins around the board while being chased by the hall monitor. Fun, challenging and original.

*Animouv (Djeco) | Approximate Cost: R299.90

  • Fun, chess-like strategy game that changes all the time. Quick rounds that take just a few minutes.

*Dr Eureka (Blue Orange Games) | Approximate Cost: R449.90

  • Race to organize the molecules in your test tubes as fast as you can without using your hands, pouring from one test tube to the other at speed, matching the pattern on the task card.

*Slapzi (Tenzi) | Approximate Cost: R349.90

  • Be the fastest slapper in this speedy picture and word association game with multiple game variations.

*Top That (Blue Orange Games) | Approximate Cost: R449.90

  • Be the first to arrange all your magician’s tools according to the task card – make sure you hide the right items. Great for spatial planning.

*Monopoly Empire (Hasbro) | Approximate Cost: R399.90

  • Race around the board to collect well-known, popular brands first and complete your tower before anyone else.

*Fast Flip (Blue Orange) | Approximate Cost: R279.90

  • Who can count and match the fruit pictures the fastest?  Improve observation skills under pressure. Very competitive.

*Tension (Cheatwell) | Approximate Cost: R349.90

  • Fun, top 10 naming game where only an exact match to the list of 10 on the topic card will count – from 10 pizza topping to flowers, to 10 things you wouldn’t do, and much more. It’s fast, crazy and furious fun for two teams

*Race Through Space (Ravensburger) | Approximate Cost: R249.90

  • An innovative family game of strategy, where the game board itself changes continually.


*Go Grippers Adventure Park Playset (O Ball) | Approximate Cost: R549.90

  • Sturdy, chunky, easy to build first railway set with a carnival theme. Easy to grip O Ball cars for little hands with added excitement of the surprise lever.

*Junior Engineer (Smart Play) | Approximate Cost: R299.90

  • Chunky plastic nut and bolt construction set in a handy travel-size box. Build to your heart’s content. Includes wheels for vehicles.

*Magformers Space Wow Set (Magformers) | Approximate Cost: R789.90

  • Magnetic, geometric construction set that includes characters, wheels and a wide variety of task cards. Build flat in a net formation and then magically pull your construction up into 3D.

*Mayka Tape (Zuru) (1 – 3 metres & 2 – 4 studs) | Approximate Cost: R119.90-R249.90

  • Extend your building block sets such as Lego using this reusable studded tape that sticks on any smooth surface. Have fun building on walls, doors, fridges and more.

*Spin & Giggle Giraffe (Bright Starts) | Approximate Cost: R649.90

  • Charming ball-posting giraffe that shoots the balls out for the toddler to fetch and start all over again. Comes with fun music and lights.

*Putty Peeps Glow in the Dark Putty (Putty Peeps) | Approximate Cost: R129.90

  • Stick your putty creations on any surface. Switch off the lights and watch them glow in the dark.

*Dusty the Garbage Truck (Real Workin’ Buddies) | Approximate Cost: R999.90

  • Dusty is a mom’s little helper doubling up as a chunky rubbish truck and a toy vacuum cleaner. combining to make tidying up after playtime fun for children.

*Elf on the Shelf (CCA & B) | Approximate Cost: R499.90

  • Bring a little Christmas magic into your home with this charming scout Elf to watch over your children, reporting back to Santa Claus all their Christmas wishes and whether they have been naughty or nice.


*Touch to Life Shape Studio (Play-Doh) | Approximate Cost: R609.90

  • Combining sensory, tactile play with the best in tech magic. Bring your play dough creations to life on a screen and have fun playing with them in virtual worlds and giving them magical powers.

*Boost (Lego) | Approximate Cost: R2599.90

  • Making robotics fun for 10-year-old and up. Build Vernie the robot out of Lego and programme him to behave as you want him to. Packed with fun ideas and five different robots to build.

*MK HX750 Drone (Toy Kingdom) | Approximate Cost: R399.90

  • Perfect entry level drone that is durable, easy to fly and great value for money.
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