Melissa & Doug’s wooden sound puzzles make for a rewarding first puzzle experience. Knob or peg puzzles make it easier for children to position the pieces correctly in the matching hole. And when they make a correct match, the puzzle plays a sound or a song for instant feedback. This positive reinforcement – action and reaction – encourages a child to do the puzzle again and again, building confidence in their ability.

There are numerous themes to choose from in this high quality range that is perfect for home and use at playgroups and preschools:

  • Old MacDonald’s farm
  • Nursery rhymes 1 & 2
  • Pets
  • Around the house
  • Construction tools
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • Vehicles
  • Zoo

Important perceptual skills children will learn:

There are so many perceptual skills that are developed in puzzle building. Here are just a few pertaining to knob/peg puzzles:

  • Matching (colour, shape, line which required good observation skills)
  • Part-whole relationships (many small pieces put together make up a whole picture)
  • Position and direction (manipulating the pieces and turning them so that they slot into place – a bit of frustration in the beginning is normal and you will need to show your child how until they get the hang of it)
  • Problem solving (this is problem solving in the spatial planning sense)
  • Eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor control (using the muscles in the fingers and the hands in conjunction with the eyes)

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