Combine building and speed with a Galt marble run and see physics and maths in action.

Marble runs are a form of construction toy and the Galt range is particularly sturdy and of an extremely high quality. There are 24 pieces in the basic marble run and 60 pieces in the Super Marble Run. The idea is for your child to create as long a marble run as they can, to keep the marbles in motion for as long as possible.

There are extra features such as chutes, a staircase, a rotary drop and a paddle wheel to add extra interest and excitement. This construction toy encourages children to problem solve and use logic. They have to plan and create,

There are a few constructions in the colourful instruction leaflet to inspire them, but there is great value in children creating their own  without following any instructions or rules. Through free play they are experimenting with motion and gravity.

Skills your child will acquire

Putting the marble run pieces together requires:

  • Fine motor control
  • Eye-hand co-ordination
  • Proprioception – children need to learn how hard they need to push the pieces together to make them connect.
  • Spatial planning ability
  • Working in 3D – a very different multisensory learning experience from creating constructions on a screen.

A Galt marble run is of such high quality that you will be able to pass it down to siblings and friends for many years to come, just as I have done. You can introduce marble runs to children from four years and up and they will continue to be fascinated with them right into the latter years of primary school.

Do beware of the choking hazard of marbles with young children.

Galt Marble Runs were reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk.

Age category:              5 – 12 years

Approximate price:    Basic Marble Run approx. R495.00

                                         Super Marble Run approx. R780.00

Brand:                           Galt

Distributor:                  Pegasus Toys

Retail outlets:              Toys R Us, Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Toy Adventures and most independent toy stores. 

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