Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe from Smart Games is a high quality game of logic that will stretch your child’s brain, engaging and stimulating their problem solving and spatial planning skills.

This game is for children from 4 – 7 years old and contains 48 challenges from easy to expert in the accompanying challenge book. The first 24 challenges only involve helping Red Riding Hood find the path to Grandma’s house. The second set of 24 challenges are more complicated.   Now players have to create two different paths in the same challenge, one for the Red Riding Hood and one for the wolf, connecting both to Grandma’s house but they enter through different doors.

All 48 challenges go from starter to junior, expert and master. The paths get longer and more complicated with more obstacles and requiring more pieces to be played. This enables your child’s confidence to grow incrementally, teaching them to believe in their own ability to solve problems and exercising their mental agility.

Why playing with real logic games is important

Little Red Riding Hood deluxe is a one player game that provides the brain with thinking and problem solving adventures. Children use their brains in a very concrete, tangible way by moving the pieces around a real playing board which is vastly different to playing such games on a screen. This is because children physically experience spatial planning which creates a deeper and more meaningful learning experience that will help them with mathematical thinking in the classroom.

The full-colour instruction booklet shows the player how to set up the board for each challenge by placing specific pieces in specific places. This, on its own, is a fantastic exercise in spatial planning and following visual instructions by copying. Once the set up is complete the child can then continue with the challenge.

Helping young children to get started

Don’t let games of logic put you or your child off because they might seem to difficult to try. They are teaching your child how to really think. To get the hang of it, you can do the board set up following the instruction card which teaches yours child how to copy and then immediately flip to the solution and get your child to complete the puzzle. This gives them an aha experience resulting in the feeling, “Oh, I know how this works!” Build up confidence slowly and then they will move onto just working off the instruction card.

Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe from Smart Games comes with high quality plastic pieces, an instruction booklet and a story book. The book has no words, just pictures, enabling you and your child to make up your own version of the story in your own words. Be as dramatic as possible for a more memorable effect!

Smart Games provides a wide range of expertly designed brain games both in plastic and wood for you to choose from. A number of them have received my Toy Talk seal of approval over the years when they have been selected for my annual Toy Talk list of highly recommended games and toys.

Solving a spatial problem is such a satisfying, ‘I can’ experience at any age, even adults enjoy these games. I ensure I pack a Smart Game for playing in the car on our annual 13 hour drive to the coast. It helps me to get out of my busy work head and into a completely different brain space, flipping my switch to relaxation mode. Of course, my children love them too!

Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe was reviewed by Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert, speaker, author and toy judge

Age category:              4 – 7 years

Price:                             Approx.  R399.00

Brand:                           Smart Games

Distributor:                  Ideal Toy Wholesalers

Retail outlets:              Independent toy stores, Toy Kingdom, Toy Adventures, Toy Zone, Toys R Us

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