Our Generation is a magnificent range of designer 46cm dolls that are perfect for imaginary play from four years and up. These dolls are unique because they are not babies, and neither are they pouty teenagers. They are just wholesome little girls that grow with a child’s interests.

The wide variety of dolls come with different skin colours, hair types, hair styles and eye colours, which means that every child will find a doll that they can truly identify with. Watch a full video review at the end of this blog.

Build an Our Generation world

Children can build their own Our Generation world choosing from a variety of themes and accessories, from equestrian to a hair salon. From a fully decked out ice cream truck. to a caravan and boat for holidaying, and household appliances such as a washing machine for children who want to create a home.

I looked at the retro diner from this beautiful, high quality range. There is amazing attention to detail in the décor – see the chequered floor, the telephone on the wall, the food and even a working juke box!

Children can collect a wide range of accessories: from designer clothing and new roller blades to an anatomy teaching kit for the local doctor, a proper geometry set for school, and so much more.

The retro car is a great example of the high quality you can expect from Our Generation. It has some interactive battery-operated features such as the sound of the car starting when turning on the ignition and a radio that plays a number of different songs and can even be tuned in to your local FM radio station! You can see and hear this on the video at the bottom of this blog.

Our Generation dolls provide a 3D, multisensory play experience

Our Generation really does bring doll play to life, from basics that will engage younger children, to more sophisticated play patterns for older children. Give your child some real, multi-sensory play experiences away from a screen where they can take their imagination out to play.

The Our Generation range was reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk.

Age category:              4 – 10 years

Price (approx):            Dolls approx.  R599.99 – R999.99

                                         Retro diner R2 999,99

                                         Retro car R1 999.99

                                         Horse R999.99

                                         Fashion accesories R199.99

                                         Clothes R249.99

Brand:                           Our Generation

Distributor:                  Ideal Toy Wholesalers

Retail outlets:             The Our Generation range is available from the best retailers in South Africa and at takealot.com.

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