Bikes and scooters are the perfect toys to encourage bilateral integration. They encourage children to use both sides of their bodies at the same time in a co-ordinated way. The more children ride them the more co-ordinated they become. They also experience a great sense of freedom and mastery of their world.

Here are some fabulous items from the high quality JD Bug range that will help your child with:

  • Core stability
  • Balance
  • Bilateral integration
  • Co-ordination
  • Directionality
  • Awareness of left and right
  • Crossing the midline

JD Bug Swayer

The JD Bug Kids TC66 Kidz Swayer is great for indoor or outdoor fun. This sophisticated sit-down scooter is fantastic for stimulating the vestibular sense of balance as it enables kids to take curves and corners with ease.  The seated position is 120mm off the ground and it has four swing-driven wheels, making it highly manoeuvrable and safe.

With a high-quality molded plastic seat and ergonomic handlebar it provides a comfortable ride that also encourages crossing of the midline when turning corners. Movement is created by weight distribution when leaning from side to side. It’s a most unusual and fascinating experience that youngsters love to master. Takes up to 50kg form 3 – 12 years of age.

JD Bug Training bike and add on gear box

The JD Bug training bike enables youngsters to use a bike like a scooter and then you can add a gear box which is essentially a set of pedals, when they are ready. Comes with or without a handbrake (check the model). Takes up to 25kg. Suitable for 3 – 5 years.


The JD Bug Cool Carver Scooter

The JD Bug Cool Carver Mini is a smaller version of the popular Cool Carver (the larger one takes up to 65kg). Younger children will find the lighter and smaller Mini Cool Carver much easier to handle and ride. A completely new scooter riding experience that relies on weight distribution, swaying and leaning to make the scooter move. This concept fascinates children. Five years and up.

The JD Bug Kick Scooter

A high quality aluminium framed scooter with a plastic deck. It can take up to 30kg. 5 years and up.

All the above and more from the JD Bug range are available in 19 Toy Kingdom stores nationwide and from their online store.

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