Last week I had such fun playing BBQ Slam with my niece and nephew. This is a new game on the market from Entertoyment that is a great combination of hysterical fun, fast reflexes, an ability to add at speed, recognise numbers and remember where they are on the board – all at the same time. This is no mean feat, I can tell you!

About the game

The board is shaped like the top of a circular BBQ and all the cardboard items of food (36 in total) are placed on top in piles. Each player has a spatula with a suction cup. There are two dot dice. Add the sum of the dice to see which item of food you need to slap with your spatula. Everyone plays at the same time – imagine four players all slapping at number 2 which is a chicken drumstick. This is what makes the game such fun. Who can get to it first and make it stick!

Object of the game

Be the first player to collect a sequence of six food cards in the right numerical order eg. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8)

But it’s not so easy because other players who throw the joker in their turn, can choose the card they need most off the BBQ without slapping, and if they throw the replace dice they can swap any card they have with one of yours if they need it. This can derail your sequence.

And, if you happen to collect a second card with the same number as a card you already possess, you have to put back both cards.

What you learn through play with BBQ Slam

  • To win this game you really need to use your memory skills:
    • Where are the different food items piled on the board?
    • What are their corresponding numbers?
    • What food items do you have and what do you still need?
    • Remembering what the JOKER and REPLACE symbols mean on the dice
  • Quick eye-hand co-ordination reflexes for slapping
  • Adding skills at speed and putting the answer into action by slapping the appropriate card
  • Turn taking for dice throwing
  • Competing full on when adding and slapping food cards

For younger players

  • Play this game slowly with younger players so that you build their confidence.
  • You could play with only the food pieces numbered 1 – 5 and not do any of the adding.
  • Or, add slowly using fingers to find the sum, before encouraging them to slap the correctly numbered food item.
  • Take turns so you don’t all slap at once to reduce the pressure.
  • The winner could be the person with the most number of food items instead of having to collect a sequence.

BBQ Slam was reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk.

Age category:              6 years to adult

Price (approx):            R199.99                                        

Brand:                           Entertoyment

Distributor:                 Just Fun Kids

Retail outlets:             Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, ToyZone



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