Elastic Band Shooter

Elastic Band Hand Shooter

Make an elastic band fly across the room with this Elastic Band Hand Shooter.

You will need:

  1. Your Hand
  2. Elastic Band

What to do:

  • Hook the elastic band around the first joint of your baby finger
  • Now curl the next two fingers in the same direction as your baby finger leaving the index finger pointing like a gun
  • Pull the elastic band towards you, pulling it around your thumb and then over the end of your index finger
  • To shoot the elastic and, release your baby finger
  • Practice makes perfect to gain better range and accuracy when shooting rubber bands with your hands.
  • Once you have mastered the technique you can have competitions to see who can shoot their elastic band the furthest

View the movie clip my sons’ made for you on YouTube. They have taught so many younger children how to do this so we thought we should share it with you too.

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