Colourful Symphony Milk Experiment.

Create a colourful sumphony with milk, a little food colouring and a drop of dishwashing liquid.  This fun experiment introduces children to chemical reactions.  These unusual interactions will fascinate your children, and they will uncover  the scientific secrets of soap.


You will need:

  • A flat tray (like a biscuit baking tray or Corningware baking dish)
  • Food colouring (at least three different colours)
  • Full cream milk (low fat milk will not work for this experiment)
  • Liquid dishwashing liquid

What to do:

  • Carefully pour the milk into the tray so that it just covers the bottom
  • Add about 6 – 8 drops of different coloured food colouring onto the milk in different spots on the tray
  • Add about 5 drops of the liquid soap onto the drops of food colouring and watch the show!
  • To clean up, simply pour the coloured milk down the drain (don’t drink it!)
Colourful Symphony Milk Experiment

This is a fantastic science experiment. The science is this – the dishwashing liquid is chasing down the fat in the full cream milk. That’s how soap works – it breaks down fat!

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