Chance: A Great Dice Game for Kids

Chance: A Great Dice Game for Kids

Take a Chance with this fun Dice Game.  5-10 minutes of simple fun with just few dice creating fabulous memories.  Keep rolling to reach the score, but be careful not to roll a one.

You will need:

  • One dice.
  • Paper and a pen for keeping score.

What to do:

  • Decide on a target – 100, 200 etc.
  • The first player to hit the target wins.
  • There is a twist that comes with taking a chance. In your turn roll the single dice. You can roll again and again, adding the numbers as you go. You decide when to stop rolling, but beware, if you throw a 1 you lose your score and receive a zero.
  • Write down each player’s score in their turn and keep a running total so that you know when a player has won because they have hit the target.

Dice games are a great way to connect whether you are at home, or sitting waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant. Now go and scrummage around and find some dice!

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