Beetle Dice Game

The Beetle Dice Game is a simple fun game that will have your racing each other to draw a beetle. 10-20 minutes of fun, reconnecting and creating memories.

Beetle Dice Game

You will need:

  • A pencil and a piece of paper for each player
  • A dice

What to do:

The youngest player rolls the dice. In order to begin drawing, each player must throw a six for the body. If they do not throw a six, the dice moves on to the next player. As the dice is thrown, different parts of the beetle are drawn according to the following code:
1 = head
2 = eyes (there are two so this number must be thrown twice)
3 = feelers (as above because there are two)
4 = mouth
5 = legs (there are six so this number must be thrown six times)
6 = body

The first player to complete his beetle wins the game

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