[Watch] Toy and Game Recommendations for 10 Years and Up: Toy Talk 2019

Big kids really do still want to play and have fun. Family fun becomes the basis for family memories that your children will carry forward with them and use as an emotional anchor for the rest of their lives. Now here are some fantastic toy and game recommendations if you have children 10 years and up.

Keep play alive in your family by buying some good games as well as investing some quality time in connecting with your kids through play.There is something very different about the language of play versus just speaking to your child. You connect on another level – almost heart to heart.

10 years plus

Toy Talk 2019 Favourites

For the 2019 festive season we have created a wonderful selection of games and toys at Toy Talk for 10 year olds up to adults: from dice games to card games and board games. There is something for everyone. You will need a keen mind, good mental associations, speedy reflexes, out the box thinking, strategy and cunning.

Board Games:

  • Baulderdash
  • Code Names
  • Dragon Market

Card Games:

  • Qwirkle Rummy
  • Exploding Kittens

Family Games:

  • Stomple
  • Pictionary Air

Word Games:

  • Bananagrams Duel

Dice Games:

Dice Academy

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