Toy Talk 2019: Toy and Game for Kids  6 – 10 Years

Toys and Games for the 6 – 10 age group have a  variety of different items to match different interests and genders. These primary school going children are social and love creative pursuits as well as activities that stimulate self-discovery and give them insights into how the world works. They are also spending a good deal of their time interacting with screen-based activities.

Hybrid tech toys make an appearance in the Toy Talk 2019 selection, some combining construction toys with a popular gaming console while others are stand alone laser-based activities. Playing with forces and solar power makes science fun through personal experimentation to prove concepts.

Problem Solving is Important

Problem-solving is something that needs to be encouraged in a variety of ways from a brain game of logic to a who dunit that requires deductive reasoning. The family games are quick and easy to play and your children are now ready to start competing to win.

Tech Toys:

  • Laser X
  • Zero Gravity Laser Car
  • Nintendo Labo

Family Games:

  • Sherlock Express
  • Slamwich
  • Tic Stac Toe

Interactive Activities:

  • Go Glam Nail Stamper
  • X-shot Bug Attack

STEM Activities:

  • Engino Solar Power set

Board Games:

  • Ticket to Ride

Logic Games:

  • Sleeping Beauty
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