Toy Talk 2019: Toys and Games for Kids 4 – 6 years

Recommended Toys and Games for Kids 4 – 6 years. The Toy Talk 2019 list, includes items the pre-schooler can nurture and love; games to play; things to travel with; constructions to build, and crafts to make.

Your preschooler, is gathering and developing skills at an amazing rate and many different types of toys and games are required for the 4-6 year old, to keep them stimulated and enabling them to refine their skills before embarking on the adventure of going to  “Big school.”

School readiness skills are being developed in earnest now. Colour, shape and quantity become an important feature in many preschool activities and should be reinforced at home with some good perceptual games which are always far more enjoyable when played with you.

Children start colouring, drawing, threading and building with a purpose and can have very vivid imaginations – encourage them!  First board games provide loads of fun and create an opportunity to learn how to take turns, and share.  Keep talking together and engage in all their ‘why’ questions as they discover out how the world works.

Encourage fantasy play and creative pursuits that involve playdough, paint, water and even mud! You child’s time spent on a device needs to be balanced with real-world play activities that create 3-dimensional, sensory understanding of the world.


Don’t forget that you are still the brightest crayon in the box and your encouragement and participation in the play experience will help to keep them focused and engaged for longer and longer periods. Keep in mind that when they get to Grade R and Grade 1 they will need to pay attention for approximately 20 minutes at a time. Play generates a love of learning which is vitally important.

Make sure your child has regular play dates in a home setting with other children.

Perceptual Skills:

  • Mini Doodle Studio
  • Pinc Mi Pinc Moi
  • Rapido Mateo
  • Gigo Junior Engineer Sets


  • Do It Yourself Five Ballons to decorate
  • Mosaic Milifiori

Family Games:

  • Heads Talk Tails Walk
  • Memo Meuh

Interactive Toys:

  • Hatchimals Hatch-a-Llama
  • Scruff-a-Luv
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