Toy Talk 2019: Toys and Games for Kids 2 – 4 years

The 2019 Toy Talk list of Toys and Games for Kids 2-4, help parents to be the source of Magic, Wonder and Suprise.

Interactive fun with first boardgames, sorting and matching games, picture-making, bath toys, playdough, furry friends and puzzles make up this year’s  Toy and Games collection for the 2 – 4 year olds. Add in some quality playtime with you and you are set to create amazing learning through play memories.

The Miracle of Language Acquistion

Between 2 and 4 years of age, children reach that miraculous phase of language acquisition at this time. It’s quite incredible how they start stringing words together to form sentences and by the age of three they have more ‘why’ questions than you can answer. Keep their curiosity alive by helping them to discover answers for themselves too!

Interactive Toys:

  • Jet Duck Pirate or Mermaid
  • Slammin Racers
  • Patrick’s Colour Learning Pen
  • Rainbo Corns

Interactive toys capture your child’s attention and engage them in action-reaction activities. “If I do this, then that happens.” It fascinates them and gets them to come back again and again.

First Board Games:

  • Button, Button, Belly, Button
  • Little Collect
  • Pick Me Up Piggy
  • Farm Friends Activity Set

First board games are about learning how to take turns and follow the rules of a game. At the same time your child will be engaging with you and developing some important school readiness skills.

Fine Motor Control:

  • Farm Friends Activity Set
  • Modelling Dough Drawings
  • Magnetic Picture Making Game
  • Primo Under The Sea Puzzle

Any games that stimulate your child’s eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor control strengthen both the eyes and the fingers in the hands for writing and the developmen of pre-reading skills.

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