Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating

We were cooking dinner the other night.  My son walked into the kitchen as I finished making a salad. The stalk of a Cos Lettuce, that I was about to discared, caught his eye. He said, “Wait a minute, I can do something with that!” He poured some green food colouring, on a plate and proceeded to dip the stalk into the green liquid and decorated the plates that were on the counter ready for dishing up the supper. There was a piece of paper on the counter and he decorated that too. He had such fun with something I had been about to throw away and we had these stunning dinner plates to eat off too that looked like they had a rose pattern printed on them. Matt had spotted something even I hadn’t noticed in my busyness – the rose within the lettuce. I wonder what other treasures we miss on a daily basis?

Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating

You will need.

  • Fruit or veg from your kitchen
  • Food colouring
  • Poster paint or powder paint
  • A plate for dipping your stamps
  • Paper or other surfaces to decorate

What to do:

  • Pour food colouring or poster paint onto your dipping plate
  • Cut the fruit or veg to create the stamp
  • For potato stamps you can literally carve out any shape you like such as  cross or triangle (adult supervision will be required here)
  • For the lettuce stamp we used in the pictures my son literally used the leftover stalk he found lying on the cutting board after I finished making a salad
  • Dip your ‘stamp’ into the food colouring or paint
  • Stamp your design onto the desired surface
Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating

What you will learn?

  • The fundamentals of printing
  • How to create fun almost literally out of nothing
  • Use to create gift tags or wrapping paper
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Observations skills
Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating
Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating
Food Art: Stamping, Printing, Creating
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