Rainbo Corns

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A giant surprise egg for hatch and play fun. Will you find a scented Puppy Corn, Kitty Corn, Uni Corn, Bunny Corn, Hamster Corn or the rare Golden? Comes with a hairbrush and necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet by the Rainbo Corn or your child.

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How to Play

2 – 4 years



Each well-sized plush toy comes with a sensory sequined heart that your child will love to touch (and so will you), revealing a magical surprise picture when played with. The heart is removable and can be worn in your child’s hair or attached to clothing. Comes with a tub of putty called Unicorn Poop containing a surprise collectable called a Baby Boo Boo Corn. If you are lucky there is a rare twin Boo Boo Corn to be found.