Help Your Child To Connect The Dots With Construction Toys

Play is one of the highest forms of research. Construction toys tick this box many times over. Create opportunities to enable your child to imagine, build and learn. Help them to imagine and express their right brain through hands-on free play. Learning concepts by copying and following instructions stimulates the left brain. Putting together and taking apart is how kids learn many STEM concepts. Construction toys also provide a sensory wake-up.


Engino Inventor – 12 model aircraft OR 8 model cars




Build, snap, click, ratchet, twist and much more, with Engino, a new 3D construction toy that enables building of everything from cars, motorbikes, aircraft, animals, dinosaurs, industrial machines and more. The patented design of the parts allows snap-fit connectivity of up to 6 sides simultaneously! You can use the instruction leaflet in the box or download the user-friendly app and build step by step. We have selected two lovely introductory sets to choose from: the 8 in 1 car set provides options to build anything from a dune buggy to a convertible and many more. The sky is the limit with the 12 in 1 aircraft box, including an acrobat plane and a rescue helicopter, and more. Follow the instructions or build your own models stimulating creativity, spatial planning and eye-hand coordination.

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Engino Inventor Motorized – 30 Models




Designed for intermediate and advanced builders who like to “play to invent”! The constructions are large in size and more elaborate than the model aircraft or car sets details above. This set incorporates more advanced technical features: selected models can be brought to life once animated with the high torque geared motor. Build a material lift, a crane, formula racing vehicles, buggies, tricycles and scooters, helicopters and aeroplanes. The set also includes a variety of awesome model-animals to build such as a crocodile, dinosaur, dog, kangaroo, duck and even a mythical dragon. The motor is also connectable to the ENGINO solar panel, found in other sets. Each set contains printed instructions for 4 selected models while the rest can be downloaded free from the Engino website or download the app for step by step instructions.


Design and Drill Transparent Creative Workshop Tool Set



 ELearning Resources

Children love a drill that works! This will allow your child to drill to their heart’s content. It includes 120 plastic bolts in 5 different colours, a strong, battery-operated drill with 3 drill bits, a toy screw driver, and a clear activity board with 10 easy to follow pattern cards. This 2D construction activity encourages colour and pattern recognition and copying skills. Playing with the tools develops a child’s fine-motor skills. Design and Drill will encourage a children’s creativity as they build colourful patterns while at the same time supporting STEAM learning through artistic play and basic engineering. (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and maths).

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Playstix Master Set



 Popular Playthings

Playstix is a Rolls Royce construction toy that is not made up of blocks but of sticks! The Playstix Master Set consists of 141 pieces including 20 new detailed, molded pieces such as an engine, bumpers, wings, racing seat, real rubber tyres and tracks (for bulldozers or tanks), a bulldozer bucket, revolving steering wheel and propeller, radar unit, and laser gun. These additional pieces extend the kind of models that can be created with Playstix. Follow the instructions in the booklet or use Playstix for imaginative free play.

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Tak Zap Hammering – Tap Tap Vehicles and Garden




Children will love building picture scenes by hammering nails and picture pieces into this cork board. The set comes in a solid wooden box and has easy to follow task cards allowing them to copy and create various vehicles or garden scenes, depending on which set you choose. Alternatively, there are endless versions and combinations for hours of free play. The set includes a sturdy cork board, wooden hammer, nails, 5 double-sided instruction cards and beautiful colourful wooden pieces all presented in a sturdy wooden box for easy storage and portability.


Magnetic Pattern Block



 Melissa and Doug

Children will love creating mosaics and patterns on this well-designed magnetic board which is a highly portable, take anywhere toy. This beautiful wooden set includes 120 colourful geometric magnets that will give hours of fun. Younger children will enjoy using the shapes to replicate the 12 geometric picture cards that are included, while older children will enjoy creating mosaic patterns and pictures directly on the magnetic board. This set comes packaged in a convenient, snap-top, carry case with sturdy handles.


Hexie Snaps



 Popular Playthings

Hexie Snaps is a creative and fun 2D construction toy. Tiles snap together to form large-scale mosaics on the floor or table. The set contains 96 pieces and comes in a sturdy plastic case for easy travel and storage. Each set comes with 20 easy-to-follow design task cards to copy, or your child can engage in free play to their heart’s content. Hexie Snaps come in 8 bright colours and are over 6cm across, making them the ideal building toy for very young children. The easy-to-manipulate pieces help develop basic motor skills, encourage creative thinking and enhance eye-hand coordination.


Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box




LEGO® is the classic construction toy that is evergreen. The Medium Creative Brick Box is perfect for builders of all ages. Use your imagination to build just about anything, with LEGO® bricks in 35 different colours, a base plate, windows, eyes, and lots and lots of wheels. The only limit is your child’s imagination. This set comes in a convenient plastic storage box and offers endless possibilities for creative construction and vehicle play. All models pictured on the box can be built from this set simultaneously. You can use the idea pamphlet included in the box or get more ideas online at This is a great starter set or a supplement set to any existing LEGO collection.


Lego Duplo All in One Box of Fun




Learn to discover, build and count with the Duplo All-In-One Box of Fun that contains 65 pieces. This beautiful starter set has a whole load of LEGO DUPLO bricks for fun creative building. At the heart of the set is a buildable wagon base with rounded edges and wheels that really turn. This comprehensive set also includes two opening window elements, a cute dog, a Duplo boy figure and numbered bricks with corresponding decorated bricks to help your child develop their counting skills. There are even extra classic DUPLO bricks for more creative fun. The set comes in a sturdy plastic box making it easy to travel with, store and pack away without losing the pieces.

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