Spin & Giggle Puppy (Bright Starts) will fascinate your sitting baby

A sitting baby will be fascinated by this action-reaction toy. Put the three coloured balls on the puppy’s tummy and press the buttons on his paws to make him wobble and spin, teaching cause and effect. The balls will be thrown out of the spinning puppy onto the floor encouraging your baby to move and fetch and then put them back in for another go. It can also be played without the balls by just pressing down on the puppy’s tummy. This toy teaches, shapes, colours, numbers and letters.

Reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk. Selected for Nikki’s Bush’s highly recommended short list for Toy Talk 2015.


52176_hrAge category:    0 – 1 years

Price:                     R300.00

Brand:                  Bright Starts

Distributor:         KidsII

Retail outlets:    Toys R Us and other large retailers

Tags:                   shapes, colours, numbers, letters

Blog categories:  action-reaction toys, sitting baby


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