Crocodile Creek two-piece puzzle Toy Talk 2015 logo

These exquisitely packaged puzzle sets just say, “Buy me!”. They come in two themes:  Where Animals Live and Baby Animals, consisting of 12 two-piece puzzles in each. When starting off don’t give your little one all the pieces as it may be overwhelming.  Isolate just three of four puzzles at a time and talk your child through these matching games helping the baby animals to find their mummies and helping the animals to find their homes. As your child masters the puzzles, add more and then mix them up to increase the level of difficulty.

Reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk. Selected for Nikki’s Bush’s highly recommended short list for Toy Talk 2015.


Age category:    2 – 3 years

Price:                     Approx. R150.00

Brand:                  Crocodile Creek

Distributor:         Polly Potter’s

Retail outlets:    Polly Potter’s Toy Stores

Tags:                   puzzles, 2 – 3 years, problem solving, Crocodile Creek

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